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Israelin pääministeri USA:ssa: Palestiinalaiset terroristeja, eivätkä ansaitse omaa valtiota (AJ)

Netanyahun puhe USA:n kongressille osoitti sen, ettei hänellä ole aikomustakaan solmia rauhaa palestiinalaisten kanssa.

Mikäli joku vielä kuvitteli, että palestiinalaiset voisivat luoda oman valtion syyskuussa, asiasta ei ole enään mitään epäselvyyttä.

"Juudeassa ja Samariassa Israel ei ole ulkopuolinen miehittäjä", Netanyahy sanoi USA:n kongressille

Tiistaina pääministeri Netanyahu piti USA:n kongressille puheen, joka oli käytännössä vain pelkkiä loukkauksia palestiinalaisia kohtaan ja jokainen loukkaus otettiin vastaan aplodein ja seisten kannustaen.

Netanyahu oli ilmeisesti kutsuttu paikalle republikaanijohdon toimesta, jotka halusivat osoittaa mieltään, äänekkäästi ja selvästi, että kongressi ei tue presidentti Obaman pyrkimyksiä luoda sopimuksia Israelin ja Palestiinan välille. Ja se oli juuri se, mitä kongressissa kuultiin - pääministeri osoitti selkeästi, ettei hänellä ole mitään aikomuksia aikaansaada rauhaa palestiinalaisten kanssa.

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Congress to Palestinians: Drop dead
Netanyahu's address to Congress demonstrated that he has no intention of making peace with the Palestinians.

If anyone had any doubt about whether the Palestinians would declare a state in September, they can't have them now.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered a speech to Congress that essentially was a series of insults to Palestinians and every insult was met by applause and standing ovations.

In fact, Netanyahu's appearance itself was an insult.

In the entire history of the United States, only four foreign leaders have addressed joint sessions of Congress more than once.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill, America's great ally, addressed Congress three times during World War II. President Nelson Mandela was honored for destroying apartheid and freeing South Africa. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was recognised for opening negotiations with the Palestinian people.

And now Netanyahu. For what?

In his entire term in office he has done nothing but reject every request by the United States that he take some action (like freezing settlements) to promote Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. In the history of Israel, there has been no prime minister as hardline on Palestinian rights and as indifferent to the wishes of the United States as Netanyahu.

So why was he invited to address a rare joint session?

He was invited because the new Republican leadership of the House of Representatives wanted to demonstrate, loudly and clearly, that Congress will not support President Barak Obama in the event that he tries to achieve an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

And that is exactly what the Netanyahu appearance today did demonstrate. The prime minister unambiguously stated that he had no intention of making peace with the Palestinians.

He began by saying that, in point of fact, there is no occupation, stating, that "in Judea and Samaria [the term Israeli right-wingers use for the West Bank], Israelis are not foreign occupiers" but the native inhabitants. (He cited Abraham and Isaiah from the Bible!)

He said he might consider giving up some of that land but not an inch of Jerusalem. Additionally, he said that Israel would retain most settlements and insist on a military presence in the Jordan Valley (thereby ensuring the any State of Palestine would be locked in on both sides by Israel).

He said that Israel would never negotiate with a Palestinian government that included Hamas, whether democratically elected or not. He declared that not a single Palestinian would be allowed to return to Israel; not even a symbolic return would be acceptable to him.

There is little reason to elaborate. Netanyahu today essentially returned to the policies that Israel pursued before Yitzhak Rabin and Yasir Arafat agreed on mutual recognition and the joint pursuit of peace.

And the worst part is not the appalling things Netanyahu said, but how Congress received them. Even Netanyahu's declaration that there is no Israeli occupation was met with thunderous applause with the Democrats joining the Republicans in ecstatic support. Every Netanyahu statement, no matter how extreme, was met with cheers.

Netanyahu was also applauded wildly when he invoked Palestinian terrorism over and over again, even seeming to lump his former "partner," President Mahmoud Abbas with people who "educate their children to hate, [who] continue to name public squares after terrorists. And worst of all continue to perpetuate the fantasy that Israel will one day be flooded by the descendants of Palestinian refugees."

His bottom line, which Congress fully bought, was that all Palestinians are terrorists who haven't earned a state. And probably never will.